Tuesday, May 22, 2007

P-G vs. Trib vs. Jim Rohr

The P-G has called out the Trib over their daily editorial-page feature "lambasting and lampooning PNC Chairman Jim Rohr for accepting $48 million in taxpayer support to help build a new Downtown skyscraper. The P-G asks in its headline, is the anti-Rohr campaign over the line?

The answer, or course, is no. Not even close.

Here are some gems that the Editorial Board of the Tribune Review felt were too "over the line":

Why won't you deny that you've stopped raping puppies Mr. Rohr?

Mr. Rohr, tell the world that you never fathered an illegitimate black baby!

Would the City and County have given you the money if you hadn't been nailing Jane Orie, Mr. Rohr?

$1.50 fee to use a third party ATM? Well lah-dee-dah, Mr. "Rohr-ckafeller"!

Jim Rohr: How do we know that he's not up all night sacrificing aborted fetuses to his dark god?

It's it time that you stop hiding your love of underage male Vietnamese prostitutes, Mr. Rohr?

Jim Rohr can no longer satisfy his wife sexually.

You know when your at a party and someone picks up an hors d'ourve, takes a nibble, and puts it back? Jim Rohr does that.

There is no evidence that PNC Chairman Jim Rohr isn't just seven midgets in a fat suit.

You smell like poop, Mr. Rohr.

Yeah, well... uh... Hey! Jim Rohr! The jerk store called and they're all out of YOU!

You claim to be a victim of a scurrilous editorial page masquerading slander as pseudo-populist outrage, but we all know that you're using taxpayer money to fund your coke addiction, Mr. Rohr.

And finally:

You know who else liked public subsidies, Mr. Rohr? Hitler!


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