Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sight Seeing

Anyone who's been on Grant Street the last few weeks will surely have noticed that repairs are being undertaken to the facade of the City-County Building. Steps are finally being taken to ensure that large chunks of granite don't fall down and crush passersby. Even though the City is in less dire financial straits, a hefty lawsuit would definitely impede our fiscal solvency. So this is a good thing.

I can see Edgar Snyder out on the corner shouting at the building "C'mon! C'mon!"

Anyway, if you're passing by that area, take a side jaunt to the lot behind the Grant Building. There you'll see the large chunks of the friezes laying on the ground for storage during repair. The things are laid out like the Yinzer Elgin Marbles and are worth a glance if you get a chance, especially because you never get to see this part of Hornbostel's work up close.

I'd post a pic, but my camera is stuck in an $80 ashtray.


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