Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thing We've Learned From the City Financial Disclosures

If you haven't done so already, go check out the City Controller's release of the Financial Disclosure forms for some of our most upstanding city officials and Bill Peduto.

Twenty-Four hours ago, I would have never known...

  • That it's hard to follow written directions when you're a politician;
  • The home addresses of every City Council Person;
  • The Mayor has an account balance at both Best Buy and Orrs Jewelers;
  • Several elected officials aren't very good at paying down their credit cards;
  • Michael Lamb, Tonya Payne, and Ricky Burgess are all still paying off student loans (and at a ridiculous interest rate, I might add, Rev. Burgess);
  • Lukey has over $470 THOUSAND DOLLARS left over from his campaign, and 14 ounces of blow;
  • Jim Motznik won't tell you how much money he has;
  • Darlene Harris has obviously be ostracized from every board in the Region, including the School Board;
  • Dan Deasey is a trustee for the Carnegie Museums, Library, and Hall;
  • Doug Shields is the President of the Hairclub for Men;
  • Patrick Dowd is receiving royalties from some amateur porn he directed back in graduate school;
  • Bruce Kraus' campaign war chest consists of $500 and an opened bottled of Pabst Blue Ribbon; and
  • Michael Lamb is actually a genuine, bona fide attorney-at-law.
Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Lukey has over $470 THOUSAND DOLLARS left over from his campaign, and 14 ounces of blow

And he's the type who doesn't share.

Little bastard.


Anonymous said...

Hoops...that was me,


O said...

Seriously. Dude's Bogarting all the good stuff. Now where are we going to get to ride the white pony? The Controller's Office?

I love Dayvoe said...

Motznik disclosed all his finances, what are you talking about? or are you just another uninformed blogger?