Monday, September 01, 2008

Echoes of '72

Your brief history lesson for today:

In 1972, after being rejected by other potential candidates, George McGovern selected less than well known Senator Thomas Eagleton as his running mate with a minimal background check. It was later revealed by the press that Eagleton had checked himself into the hospital three times for physical and nervous exhaustion, receiving electric shock treatments twice. While psychological treatment is commonplace today, back in the early 70s, Eagleton was pegged as "crazy." The press made frequent references to his shock therapy, and McGovern feared that this would detract from his campaign platform.

Eagleton imploded, withdrew from the ticket, and was replaced by Sargent Shriver. The Republicans used this incident to highlight questions about the Democratic candidate's judgment.

McGovern subsequently lost the election, winning only two states.

You'd think that somebody on the McCain campaign would remember things like this and would have vetted their candidate a wee bit better.

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MH said...

Are you arguing that with a better VP pick, McGovern could have won? Or just won more than two states?