Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside

Anybody else think it's odd that the National Hockey League's most environmentally friendly future venue and potentially LEED Gold building is going to be named after a dirty coal company?

I would have assumed that the US Green Building Council would dock you a few point for that.

Might as well have a new Animal Rescue League shelter named after Michael Vick.


CarolN said...

Yes, I am disgusted that not only do we have to suffer the environmental effects of the coal industry on this region, but after these effects are curtailed (hopefully soon), we will be saddled with the symbolic burden of an arena commemorating one of the worst offenders.

Way to look to the future, Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

Irony, thy name is Pittsburgh.

Might as well have a Mayor named Luke Steelerstahl.

Oh, wait...