Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside

I'm not keen on this whole "family friendly" St. Patrick's Day thing the City is trying to foist on us.

Frankly, my family is a whole lot friendlier after about a fifth of whisky.


Burgher Jon said...

Ha, my comment was that since I have a little irish in me, I'm actually related to green beer (and therefor should be allowed to have it at a "family friendly" parade).

Sherry said...

my aunt by marriage is irish and so i get to be irish too!

i'd rather have a bit of bailey's than green beer.

Burgher Jon said...

That's find too, tell the officer about your Aunt Bailey then, once removed. She had a creamy complexion but was always smooth with the ladies. She had little glasses unless she was mixing it up with coffee, then she was hot.

Sherry said...

that's funny! ; )