Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Election 2009 Aside

Did anyone else catch that Luke Ravenstahl campaign ad that ran during the first period of the Penguins game on FSN? I don't watch a lot of local TV, so this was the first I had caught it. Two things I noticed:

First, Luke seems to be taking credit for a lot of programs in this ad that were either (a) started by his predecessor [neighborhood cleanup] or (b) mandated by law [balanced budget/budget surpluses]. It's almost like the campaign motto should switch from "Get 'er Done" to "Haven't fucked it up."

Second, and along those same vulgar lines, did anyone else think that the announcer was trying to sound a little *too* yinzer? Maybe it was me, but it sounded like the Ravenstahl is at least trying to pretend that it didn't hire a New York ad firm.

I guess I need to watch more local TV.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

i like "haven't fucked it up"

if he isn't going to use it as a slogan i'm gonna! ; )