Thursday, April 02, 2009

Local Blogger Struggles to Create "Value Added Content"

(Newswire) Pittsburgh, PA - Local anonymous blogger known only as "Frurster" on Wednesday issued a statement to his dozens of followers, saying that he was having "difficulty in creating value added content" for his blog.

"I started to write something about the audit of the water and sewer authority, and then I was going to Photoshop Luke (Raventahl)'s head on the body of a manatee, and then I was going to steal something from the Post-Gazette and add a few lines of commentary, but frankly, I just gave up. It was too hard."

"Frurster," who has written the blog "Frurster's Site" for the last five years has struggled in recent weeks to write posts that are topical, cogent, and witty. Despite recent re-printings in other media, the author has found his work pedestrian at best. His best post, an in depth analysis of potholes, received no comments. "Frurster" has become increasingly frustrated about his literary contributions.

"You know, I have all of these great ideas. For example, Yarone (Zober) would be great in a musical version of City Council... I even have the first two songs written, but I can't make it to the second act, so I've kind of given up on that. Now, I've resorted to calling the people at the County Department of Humans Services 'buttheads for a cheap laugh.'"

Writer's block is typical of long time writers. Stephen King has re-written several of his books under different titles. Washington Post sports writer Tony Kornheiser has been writing the same column since 1989. Even classic writers like Herman Melville have padded their works with chapters upon chapter of whale hunting filler.

Such examples do not console "Frurster".

"Dammit, I should be better than Melville. Perhaps I'll take the lyrics to 'I'm Yours' and re-write them to speak to the current condition of privatizing public parking garages. I don't know. Maybe I'll get around to it after the next episode of The Simpsons."

"Frurster" needs to write another post before 5PM today.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Everyone knows Frurster gets his material from Wayne Fontana.

Anonymous said...

There are dozens of us! DOZENS!

Mark Rauterkus said...

Does this person have a twitter account?

Sometimes certain bloggers better present ideas in tweet formats rather than long-winded, highly academic, footnote rich, peer reviewed blog and journal entries.

I'm at