Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Brief Aside - Reassessments

Briefly, as I'm busily working on deconstructing the underlying meta-narrative that is in order to prove that I'm not some misanthropic shill for any particular campaign, I just wanted to point out that Danny O seems to be a bit craven and cowardly when it comes to this whole Assessments brouhaha.

Now, remember, Danny wants to be governor, and the worst thing any politician could ever, EVER do is make the citizenry pay for services that they receive... I mean, raise taxes. The County, if my estimation is correct, needs to both have sufficient revenue and have consistent revenue in order to make its yearly budget. Assessments, as they currently stand, are providing neither. Rather than manning up and tackling the insane position amongst some residents that the value of their property could never go up from what they bought it for in 1954 (even during one of the biggest real estate bubbles in modern history), Danny opted to waffle, imposing an obviously unconstitutional base-year system.

Now that the PA Supreme Court has laughed the base year system right out of the docket, Onorato's elected for two different routes: first, trying to make a Federal case out of it and, second, trying to screw around with *everybody's* taxes in the Commonwealth. But, this isn't a real solution either and it's not like he's taking real leadership on the matter; he's just trying to pass and spread out blame.

Of course, if, by some strange turn of events, either of these paths actually lead somewhere, Danny-boy might have inadvertently be responsible for raising taxes on everyone in the Commonwealth. Now, obviously he's betting that by the time this case makes it through to the SCOTUS or through the State Legislature, he'll already be in the Governor's chair.

So, in my not so humble opinion, if this 3rd rate CPA wanted to commit political sepuku, he'd actually take a solid position on the assessment, even if that meant that County taxes may, eventually, go up. It may not be politically expedient, but at least it would show some real cajones.

So well done with the political limp-dickedness.


MH said...

"make the citizenry pay for services that they receive... "

Except a great deal of my taxes go to services I never received (i.e. paying down debt ran-up years before I ever lived here) and services that are very over provided (i.e. a school district with dropping enrollment and a constant budget). I say we make like a Florida real estate investor and go bankrupt.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The biggest news to this posting is the hoped for progress with the decoder ring exercise as per the Carmen web site.

Decoder rings were also popular in the base year time wharp.