Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside - Mayoral Elections

Bram said the secret word, and now the duck will come down from the ceiling and give us this thought experiment:

Let's suppose that there was a guy who had become really pissed off at the mayor because of something the Mayor (or his staff) had allegedly done. This guy alleged that there were shady goings on in the Mayor's office (and there have certainly been rumors and circumstantial evidence to coroborate such charges), but because he wouldn't play ball with these guys, he was subsequently fired from his government job. Let's also assume that this guy is legally obliged to keep his mouth shut and has since moved on to another town.

Now, if such a person was bitter and vindictive (and there were no negative consequences), you would think that such a guy would figure out a way to leak information which would be detrimental to the mayor's campaign. And, of course, in order to be most effective, one would think that such information would be leaked with only a few days left in the campaign leaving the mayor with little or no time to respond.

Again, just a thought experiment.


MH said...

Except that doesn't explain why the avenger would let the fund-raising gap stretch to a near insurmountable advantage instead of making like a generic diaper and leaking earlier.

MH said...

I mean, the only way it would make sense to wait this long is if avenger had a demonstrated history of not being very sharp. Only people who run city planning departments and the URA could be that thick.

Bram Reichbaum said...

The secret word was "BLAGOJEVICH"?

O said...

BLAGOJEVICHI hear if you say it three times, he appears and tries to steal your "fucking hair".

Burgher Jon said...

Wishful thinking. I think short of a picture of Ravenstahl with a gun that is literally smoking we are out of luck.

Forde essentially collected black mail money, why would the voters believe anything he says with a couple days left in the election?

MH said...

'BLAGOJEVICHI hear if you say it three times, he appears and tries to steal your "fucking hair".'

So that's what happened to my hair. I thought I was just getting old.

Infinonymous said...

Thia one eludes me.

Unless I missed something, the closest thing to a last-minute revelation has involved the repeat performance regarding a late $15K from a California developer. Two problems. (1) It was leaked by the campaign's finance filing. (2) That isn't a bombshell -- it's business as unusual at Ravenstahl Inc.

If such a leaker is planning to drop a bomb, he has -- what, 11 hours and change to unleash the blockbuster before the polls open?