Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside Re: Ted Kennedy

(So, if you're one of those folks that doesn't like to joke about the recently deceased, you might want to skip this post. Just saying.)

A few, er, ah, reflections on the death of Ted Kennedy...

Around here, we always like politicians that like their liquor, so we're sad to see Ted go. Although, did anyone back in the 80s even dream that the organ that failed would be his brain and not his liver?


Does the "Kennedy Curse" apply to diseases that normal people get, or is it reserved for assasins, plane crashes, and trees?


What's the, er ah, over/under on the emergence of the "Kennedy would have been killed by an Obama Death Panel" meme? I'm guessing two days.


Is Arnold Shwarzen... Swarsen... Er, ah... Is Maria Shriver's husband the patriarch of the Kennedy clan now?


We should have Zombie Kennedy fight Zombie Reagan on C-SPAN pay per view.


Did you, er ah, realize that you were, er ah, reading this post in the voice of Ted Kennedy, or at least, er ah, Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby?

1 comment:

spork_incident said...

I'm guessing two days.

Closer to a few hours.

Conservatives are classy, no?