Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside Re: Transit Development Plans

Halfway through the last post, I realized that the Port Authority is part of a larger experience to keep me fat.

Looking at the proposed system map, I noticed that a whole lot of routes are probably going to get axed and a whole lot of routes that are going to get moved.

One of the routes that I use got moved in the plan, but strangely it became more convenient -- moving the stop closer to my house instead of being a third of a mile up hill. The new stop is significantly closer and now (strangely for Pittsburgh) a relatively flat route. I find it odd that something PAT is doing is actually making my life easier.

Not that I mind, but that walk up the hill every few mornings a week was really the only exercise I ever got.

I think someone at PAT knows this and wants to keep me docile. Now if they open up a convenience store at the new stop that sells Funyuns and deep fried Twinkies, I'll know it's a conspiracy.

A delicious, delicious conspiracy.

Well, perhaps other folks who have had their routes moved will benefit from running up hill every day in a mad dash to the bus.

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