Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Proposal For Resolving the State Budget Crisis

You know, I'm all about the State Legislature being a "deliberative" body, but if they "deliberate" any longer on the budget, I have a feeling that we're actually going to bore into another dimension and somehow wind up back in time. I also think that the longer they dick around up there, the angrier a lot of folks are going to be knowing that the State can vote pay raises for themselves in a matter of minutes but can't resolve a budget in a few months.

So, this fuckwittery must end.

Here's my solution: Pennsylvania the Game Show -- the chance for State Legislators to win fabulous prizes. I'm suggesting the "Price is Right" model here -- contestants subject themselves to various games. If they win the game, they get their project/bill/line item funded. If they don't, they lose their project/bill/line item.

It's more high stakes than Plinko, that's for sure, but it'll make short order of budget negotiations. Plus, you'd get that yodeling mountain-climber guy on the ruler. That would be awesome.

Or Thunderdome. That would be awesome too... but that should really be reserved for any administrative appointments and confirmations.

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Sherry said...

oh yeah, i would watch faithfully. i'd even buy the merchindise. t-shirts- coffee mugs-posters!