Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Bureaucrat's Aside

You know, the more my conspiracy laden parts of my mind think about it, the more I wonder if Gov. Bobby Jindal's statements about volcano monitoring were an oblique reference to Scientology, and its founder L. Ron Hubbard's belief (and I'm paraphrasing here) that the image of a volcano is ingrained into human consciousness and will immediately produce an inexplicable gutteral reaction... Which is why, of course, copies of Dianetics and those insufferable 3 AM commercials feature vulcan imagery so prominently.

Or maybe Democrats really are just in line with Xenu.


Anonymous said...

"vulcan imagery"

Einstien recieved Nobel on thesis associated with supermarket door openers...Light Beams.

Used Mecurical moon named "vulcan" to prove the absence of "either" and the exsistance of light particles. (will bend under gravitationl forces)

It was not his theroy of relativity that was acknowledged.

He was considered to be stupid Jew working in patent office while in exile in Switzerland. Timed train arrival with Swiss clock.

Al is the coolest!


Anonymous said...

Al (einstein) while living at Princton, Ivy League College...called his maid and asked her if Albert Einstien lived there. Maid who was with him (when he died) did not want to give out information. Sir she said 'Who wants to know."

"It's me, Al, forgot where I'm at."

Neat thing about Al, he excepted flaws, if human. He did so because of wife and kid (s).

While on vacation with family in Alps...wonders if on elavator, that does not measure in floors, but ligth-years...

It's all relative...


Anonymous said...

Al, in his finest moment...invited young into his abode, while living last days...

They shared canned beans...

Tonight, I share same,

..Guy thing!