Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Steele to Give Urban Response to President's Address to Congress

In order to extend his party's appeal among urban voters, RNC Chairman Michael Steele to give his party's rebuttal to President Obama's address to Congress in jive.

We here at ADB have managed to procure a draft version of the speech.

De plain trud be we is spendin' mo'e dan we gots in de bank. Ya' know? We've all heard it said dat we is mo'tgagin' our children's future. You know th' President ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap upon you man! We is now mo'tgagin' our grandchildren and great grandchildren's future. When some "bridge t'nowhere" receives millions uh dollars in fundin', we know Wuzhin'ton gots lost touch wid reality; and until Congress places real prio'ities on spendin', deficits gots'ta always be some pressin' concern. 'S coo', bro. Chump don wan no help, chump don git no help. Jive ass dude don got no brains anyhow.
No word on whether Mr. Steele will get "jiggy" with anything.


spork_incident said...

Actually, that would have been better than The Exorcist's attempt.

A Spork in the Drawer

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog...splendid satire.